Wide Awake International

What Are We Doing Here?

February 10, 2022 Kim Johnson Season 1 Episode 4
Wide Awake International
What Are We Doing Here?
Show Notes

So, what exactly do we even do here in Ukraine?  Wide Awake International has a lot of moving parts and I don't blame you if you have a bit of a hard time keeping them all straight 😆.  In this episode, I introduce our boys and our team, explain the full picture of what we are doing here in Ukraine, and describe the different focuses of our work here. It's an info-heavy episode...you've been warned!

PS: My brother, the super talented  Matt Bittner, is our new sound designer for the podcast! The music is his and it's perfect. 

Read about when we adopted Vlad

When we brought Boris home

Bringing home Ruslan and Anton

Bringing home Sasha

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The vision of Wide Awake Int. is to bring hope, love, and dignity to people with disabilities in Ukraine. We are living that out by bringing our friends out of institutions and into family life.